You may have seen Grayson on the bridge in the midday sun furiously applying paint to canvas while passing cars roar by seemingly going nowhere fast. Not the case with Grayson however....he seems to know where he is going!  When he is not painting he is volunteering his time with those of us who are not as fortunate. Does that get his creative juices flowing? No. He does that by catching the sunrise or sunset over a fragile and beautiful enviroment like the east coast of central Florida.

 He studied painting in New York before relocating to Vero Beach 16 years ago.  Now his paintings can be seen exclusively at the Meghan Candler Gallery in Vero Beach.

Grayson likes to visit his friend Sean Sexton's
 ranch west of the Indian River to become immersed in the wild landscape and shut off from the the roar of society. He also takes on an artist's retreat in Micanopy every year where he can revive his artistic juices and mingle among his own.

Grayson is the epitomy of a line of artists dating back to the Impressionists up through the Highwaymen.....those who sought to make their vision their life

Born In Manhasset Long Island, then moved to Connecticut first Westport then moving up to Ridgefield, with grandparents in  nearby Greenwich. He tends to keep to an ambivert that favors intro to extro unless around and amongst the right company...of good people!


More than 200 paintings have been sold in Galleries and are hanging in private and public collections worldwide in a raher short time

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